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Pictures from the journey to the top.......

From leather to number one.....

paul and his hoffner

lessons for pete

the beatles

paul,john and gene vincent.

bottoms up gents.....


an auction photo from e-bay owner ?

nice sandals paulie

mach show!!mach show!!!

john already hitched to cyn?!!

the moondogs

tuning up

stu looking good.....

sitting on yer can will kill you paulie.........

talking things deeca?

playing a dance


paul sitting again....

sing it pete

another show....

the grapes for lunch.

an ebay sold photo.from clown-bike to ?

another ebay photo owner?

tony sheridan and by astrid.

playing on yer can again paulie?

burts beatles

the cavern for lunch?

rock and roll

hey over here stuie!!!!!an audition?

paul before the hoffman?


with thanks to all who own the pictures